World leaders laughed at the US President during UN Summit

My Opinion

If one is in any doubt that the United States and its President is sinking into third world status, then read the latest reports on what happened at the United Nations Summit.

According to a media article, during the opening of the Summit Donald Trump was making his supposedly eagerly-awaited address. He boasted that is administration was the most accomplished in American History. There was, according to the media article, a slight pause and then the World Leaders broke out into laughter. They just could not contain themselves after hearing Trump’s nonsense remarks.

In my opinion, this confirms my belief that something is fundamentally wrong with the US President. For him to react with the remark that he was not expecting that reaction from the other leaders is a testament to the man’s ability for not recognising when he’s being made to look like a fool.

We now await with bated breath for the President Twitter tirade, we know it is coming sooner rather than later. On a serious note, Americans need to question the sanity of their President or lack thereof.