Preventing Illegal Immigrants – Pipe dream

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I am fed up with these so-called politicians telling the electorate that they can prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country if they are elected.  They know it is a load of bull, but try to convince the electorate with this crap.
Britain immigration

To stop illegal immigrants government would have to be in control of every mode of transportation, there is, and even then you are going to have an official that is capable of being bribed. 

No government on this planet can prevent so-called illegal immigrants from entering the country, and the sooner they are honest with the electorate is the better off we will be.

It is, estimated, that 1.1 million illegal immigrants are in the UK, 11.4 million in the US and around 120, 000 in Canda, so apart from Canada, the UK have a small percentage of illegal immigrants in comparison to the United States.  Irrespective of what politician like Donald Trumps says there is not a way he or any other politician can prevent illegal immigrants.

Bearing in mind that a percentage of illegal immigrants are individuals that were furnished with a visa to visit the country and decided for a reason, be it economic, or other they overstay.  

It makes me outraged that politicians do not have the balls, to be honest with the electorate, they cannot understand that by telling the truth they would eventually be held in higher esteem.  They are so used, to using lies and innuendoes to get elected that they can no longer go to the voters and be honest.

Illegal immigrants will live forever be in the UK.  And all other countries that people are called illegal immigrants, and there is nothing that any government can do to prevent that.  They may be able to control how many we have, but they will never be able to eradicate illegal immigrants, that is a pipe dream, and they know it