66 year old homeless man died under flyover in Bournemouth, Dorset


Conservative Government Welfare Cuts – Nothing New

homeless man

A local media report, states that a 66-year old homeless man was found dead under a flyover in a carpark in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Apparently, the person who found the homeless man dead, alleges that days before his death Bournemouth Borough Council removed his sleeping bag and possessions because they were, seen as rubbish.

It is disgraceful that vulnerable people are treated this way by the local authority. In my opinion, it would appear that local council do not care about those sleeping rough. A few weeks ago Windsor council called for the town to removed homeless people before the Royal wedding in May.

Where do these inhumane people get off being so disgusting? Do they believe that Harry and Meghan are blind to the fact that the UK has a significant amount of human beings sleeping on the streets? How naive do they think the Royal family is?

Unbelievable, that in this century when we are talking about paying the European Union £18bn to leave, we have the NHS crumbling, nurses resigning because they are unable to cope.

Over 4,000 people are sleeping on the streets of England, up by 1,800. According to stats homelessness affects 185,000 and as seen increases for three years in a row. Homelessness is, blamed on housing shortages and benefit cuts.

We have an inept government hell-bent on taking the UK out of the EU, and the infrastructure of the country is falling apart all around us, and we have not left yet, God helps us when we eventually go.