Kentucky High School shooting leaves 2 dead and 19 wounded

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My Opinion

Here we go again, the first month in 2018, and another US state is mourning the loss of their children to senseless gun crime.

How much more must die? Why are children paying the price for a country that is failing to protect them by their idiotic gun laws?

Today the people of Kentucky will shortly be burying two 15-year old Marshall County High School, children. Anyone with an ounce of common sense must be questioning the validity of a country that allows guns to be, easily placed in the hands of potential shooters. What will it take before someone says enough?

Politicians were sending condolences to families that are affected by this latest shooting, in my opinion, is condescending at the least. Everytime that a nutcase decides to murder innocent people, whether it is in Schools, Mosque, Club or an event such as Las Vegas, condolences from politicians fly all over the place and when the dust settles nothing constructive is done to make guns hard to obtain.

It is, time that the US stop hiding behind the 2nd Amendment and do something positive to control the flow of guns. The people who are harping on about the rights to own guns, if their family members were being, slaughtered like animals they would not be supporting the right to bear arms.