German schools make children wear 13lb sand vest to keep them seated

German school

According to a media article, schools in Germany are asking naughty and hyperactive children to wear a 13lb sand vest to keep them seated.

Of course, this controversial method to subdue kids is going to cause a few raised eyebrows and concerns among parents, not just in Germany but across Europe.

However, in my opinion, I do not see children coming to any harm wearing those vest. We have to be realistic and recognise those hyperactive kids, especially those with ADHD, need something to calm them down. I would prefer my child wearing a sand vest than pump him or her with drugs.

I believed that management and using these vests effectively they could prove beneficial to the children. One parent suggests that her son has been wearing a sand vest for three years to treat his ADHD. She states her child did not mind wearing the garment, it makes him concentrate better, and he can take an active part in his lesson.