78 year old Senior Citizen arrested for stabbing an intruder

Are you kidding me? It is unbelievable that someone can enter your home illegally and when you defended yourself, and the individual dies, in the process, you are, arrested for murder.

According to a media report, two men entered the house of a 78-year old pensioner with the intent to burglar his home. Apparently, one of the suspects had a screwdriver which he used to force the 78-year old into the kitchen area, where it is alleged a struggle took place, and the 38-year old intruder was, stabbed. There is no indication at this time as to whether he was, stuck with the screwdriver.

However, I am concerned that this 78-year old was arrested in the first place and, even more, frustrated he is still being, held at the police station. So, unless there is some information that is being, withheld from the public, this, in my opinion, is a travesty of justice.

“An Englishman home is his castle”, and therefore, he has a right to protect it from intruders and uninvited guests. If, an individual, violated the sanctity of your home and ended up dead, why should the police deem it necessary to arrest that person, much more someone who is 78-years old, ridiculous?