8 years for parents who abuse newborn baby

We accept that there’s evil among and around us, and some people have the propensity to inflict such horrid things to others that defy humanity.

According to a media article, a 22 and 21-year old parents have been, jailed for eight years for horrific injuries they inflicted on a 19-day old baby. Although the infant died from pneumonia and sepsis, it was, alleged that he suffered more than one blunt impact with a mild to moderate force before he died.

These two people, in my opinion, are the worst possible type of human beings and their evil ways that they bestow upon a baby who could not defend himself should have seen them sent to prison for life.

In a situation such as this, I disagree with the justice system. These two should never be able to have children again; they should have either be made sterile or prison for life. Those parents should never have treated a child in the way that 19-day old baby was. To allow these two poor excuse for human beings to be in the position to ever procreate is a travesty to justice and an insult to children they may have once they are, released from prison.

Read the full story here: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/25/parents-jailed-for-horrific-abuse-of-newborn-baby-found-with-broken-leg-and-bruised-penis-7759927