80 year old grandmother confronts moped gang

Although the authority would caution anyone, especially a senior citizen about confronting a gang or individual committing a criminal offence, this does not prevent a person getting involved when they see others being, victimised.

It makes me feel great that even in today’s warp and, the evil environment we live in, there are still individuals willing to risk their lives for others. According to a media article, an 80-year old senior citizen confronted a moped gang when she saw them cornered a scooter rider.

Apparently, the alleged perpetrators chased the scooter rider through the streets; they closed in on him in front of the 80-year old. The report states that she grabbed the victim’s handlebar and refused to let go even when the two men were trying to pry her hand off the scooter. A couple of good samaritans saw what was happening and run to help, at which time the robbers fled.

In my opinion, this lady was very courageous, and her selfless act may have saved the life of the 47-year old scooter rider, from harm or even death. These thugs were following this man for quite some time, her intervention along with the other kind samaritan prevented this man from being robbed.

Read more here:http://metro.co.uk/2018/02/02/supergran-80-stopped-moped-gang-cornered-victim-7281851/