Border Force officers ceased cocaine worth £50 million

It is hard to understand the level of evil that exists in humans when they are willing to put £50 million worth of cocaine on our streets.

Drugs destroyed so many young lives every day, and it is heinous when individuals, knowing how dangerous and addictive these drugs are, and because of the monetary value, they are willing to destroy hundreds of lives.

According to a media report, two British men were, arrested when about £50 million worth of cocaine was, discovered on a private plane.

Apparently, two British brothers from Poole, Dorset were arrested on suspicion of importing class A drugs on a private plane that landed at an airport in Hampshire, England.

It has been, stated that this was a significant seizure of cocaine and one of the largest flown into the United Kingdom.

In my opinion, people in our communities breathe a sigh of relief and, profoundly thank the Border Force Officers involved in the seizure of this cocaine. Knowing that this drugs will not reach our streets, and lives may have been saved by preventing the drugs from getting into our communities, is a plus for the security service.

We are aware that there will always be individuals addicted to drugs. But, if we can prevent these drugs reaching the streets, it makes it easier to deal with those that are already addicts and help prevent new ones.