Conservative Local Council ban spending, they run out of money

So what is new, well this may be the first local authority in 20-years to declare a ban on spending because they run out of money. But look at the UK in its entirety.

The first problem we have in the UK is Brexit; it is already destroying the fabric of the United Kingdom society. NHS is in severe crisis, idiotic changes in the welfare system are so ridiculous it has left thousands of vulnerable people in chaos.

There are more homeless people on the streets of the UK, hundreds more in temporary accommodation. Poverty and destitution are at, in my opinion, its worse levels. What is the Conservative government doing about the crisis in the country? When someone finds the answer, I will be happy to listen to the explanations.

In my opinion, the government allocate a lot of its responsibility to the private sector. Of course, we would be remiss in our judgement if we believe that there is no need for the private sector to work alongside public sector. However, one must realise that the private sectors only responsibility is to make money, irrespective of the hardship they caused to the people.

It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure that both sectors work in the interest of the people, but they do not. Therefore, I am not surprised that a local authority runs out of money, and this I believe is the tip of the iceberg.

Under this Conservative government the UK, in my opinion, is on a path of total collapse both from its infrastructure to the economy and we are going to have some of the worse years of our life. I believe we will experience problems that people who live during and after world war two never encounter.