84 year old pensioner hit burglar with frying pan so hard the handle break

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In most cases, the police will advise, and caution individuals from confronting criminals, especially one that was wielding a knife and hammer, but that was, precisely what an 84-year old pensioner did.

According to a media article, an 84-year old pensioner found a burglar in his house, and although the intruder was wielding a knife, the senior citizen walloped him with a frying pan, so hard the handle broke. The burglar demanded money and was told by the pensioner that he was, getting nothing from him.

Apparently, the burglar entered the 84-year old home by removing a back panel in his kitchen door.

Although, he suffers, during the incident, injuries to his hands from being hit by the claw hammer the burglar had, the pensioner was able to chase the intruder out of his home.

In my opinion, having lived in his bungalow for around 30 years, he must have seen this burglar intruding on his privacy. We cannot encourage anyone to confront a criminal, but his quick thinking may have saved his life.

We can only hope the police catch this individual quickly before he breaks into another senior citizen home and ends up killing them because they may not be able to act so soon.