89 year old great grandmother sexually assaulted in her home

My Opinion

What the hell is happening to our society? Where do these low-life people originate? How do we protect senior citizens from these sorry excuses for human beings?

A media article states an 89-year old great-grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s was raped in her home on her bed, while another man watched and, laughed as she was, sexually assaulted.

I am sick to my stomach that society produces these disgusting undesirable and they are let loose in our communities. The person who did that to an 89-year old is the lowest form of life there is. If and when the police catch them they should be sent to prison for their miserable lives. That type of undesirable is not worthy to be among us.

Anyone that is capable of attacking a senior citizen, and assault them, in my opinion, have the IQ of a worm, and that could be insulting worms. It makes me so angry that we are unable to protect our senior citizen from these inhumane, disgusting people.

Why would anyone except a low-life pick on a vulnerable person and put them through such a life-changing ordeal? I just pray that the police catch them sooner rather than later, they do it once they will do it again and the next senior citizen may not live through that crisis.