The justice system protection of criminals is counterproductive

The saying that everyone deserves a second chance should never be, in my opinion, accredited to certain types of crimes and the people who are the perpetrators.

Jon Venables was one of two boys that murdered James Bulger; he was ten and James 2 years old. The crime happened in 1993 shock the entire nation that a boy of 10 could be capable of such a deplorable crime.

He spent eight years in prison was released an given a new identity, and if anyone dares to disregard the injunction and reveal is new identity they could go to jail for two years.

Apparently, this is the type of justice our judicial system believe is right. While James family have to not only live without their child but in the limelight, the murderers are protected by anonymity, that is a travesty of what is supposed to be justice.

According to the media Venables who is now 35-years old has been charged with indecent images of children. Again he his protected, his trial will be held in private at an unnamed court.

What is it going to take for the judicial system recognise evil when they see it. Do another child have to die before the public is, protected from these monsters.

On the other hand, a black taxi cab driver who sexually assaulted over 100 people, will be released from prison after serving a mere ten years.

The parole board decided to let him go with so-called stringent conditions. Of course, there is an outrage against the judicial system. What are they thinking? Individuals like that pose a threat to all females and have been, convicted of 19 offences, why does the parole board think there is any rehabilitation to this man.

I cannot wrap my head around the way in which the judicial system thinks. If they believe what they are doing with these two cases are in anyway justify, if that is the case our legal system completely lost the plot.