A 37 year old childminder jailed for 16 years

The number of working parents has increased over the years and, because of this, and to cope with working and child rearing; we rely on the services of a childminder.

In most cases, individuals who take on the responsibility to look after other people’s children are decent, caring and loving childminder. However, there are a few that are terrible and only, in my view, become childminder to get access to a child or children they can abuse.

A 37-year old woman from Romford, England, according to a media report has been jailed for 16-years for assaulting two babies, a nine and seven-month-old in her care while the parents were out.

Apparently, the cases came to be, investigated when the childminder called 999 to report the seven-month-old was unresponsive. The child was, rushed to the hospital where doctors found she suffered bleeding on her brain, which could be, caused by trauma or severe shaking.

A further report stated that the investigation into the seven-month-old injuries let the authority to a 9-month old that was in the care of the childminder and suffered a broken leg.

In my opinion, we need the services of a childminder, and therefore, the emphasis is on parents to check and double check the person who you are going to turn over your child or children to. Making sure they are reputable, caring and loving individuals and not a monster lurking in the dark.