A Church going paedophile jailed for 10 years

Attending church and being a part of the congregation, participating in religious activities is part of our belief in our Christian values.

In the main, and as someone that was, raised in a church-going environment, I believe that it taught me values, humanity, dignity and appreciation of fellow human beings.

The ability to respect differences, among other faith. However, when an individual uses the church and its congregation for their own selfish needs it cast a dark cloud over our faith irrespective of what denomination.

According to a media report, a South London church member uses his position in the church to abuse a girl age between 13 and 15 sexually. His grooming of the child began in 1991; his abuse continued up to 1995.

The victim alerted the police in 2014, and following an investigation, the 33-year-old was arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to 10 years. Labelled a paedophile this man abuse his power in the most heinous way.

He targets a child most likely believing that if she told anyone about what he was doing to her, they might not think she was telling the truth. I know that predators are everywhere but, it is disgusting when the individual pretend they are worshipping God honestly, truthfully yet hiding their offensive behaviour.

In my opinion, the prison term is not nearly long enough, he robs that child of her youth, dignity and integrity and he can never give that back.