A sex predator that prey on women in toilets jailed for 10 years

Is it possible that some human beings are born with an evil gene that makes them into counterproductive individuals, or they learn their inhumane behaviour from lives trials and tribulations?

A media article states that a sexual predator who loitered in toilets of a top London hotel and attacked eight females over a three-day period has been, jailed for ten years.

The 34-year old robbed and sexually assaulted these women, he also attacked a schoolgirl in a nearby park holding a knife to her throat.

One of his victims relates how she was, stripped at knifepoint, after being ambushed in a lavatory of a four-star hotel. Although she was wearing a diamond engagement ring, the perpetrator did not seem to be interested in the jewellery. She managed to talk her way out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Apparently, women were not safe in the hotel, fast food and restaurant toilets. He continued his robbery, sexual assault and threats to use offensive weapons. He was, eventually caught from CCTV images.