Terror attack in Canada, police officer stabbed

A media report alleges that a car rammed a police blockade at a Canadian football league game, and a knifeman leapt out and stabbed a police officer.

There is also a further report that four pedestrians were hit by a different vehicle in another separate incident. Canadian police confirmed they were treating the event as possible acts of terrorism.

The incident involving the four pedestrians. It was, alleged that a white u-haul hit the pedestrians, the driver was alluding a police checkpoint. According to the police, the van attempted to crash the pedestrians deliberately, the u-haul then flipped onto its side, and the man inside the vehicle was apprehended.

Terrorism knows no boundary, and in my opinion, no country is safe from these acts of terror. Considering that Canada is usually a neutral country for anyone are a group to bring terrorism to the streets of Canada is deplorable.

It demonstrates the level of evil that terrorist and terrorism is about, and we have to work with our security service in eradicating terrorism from our town and cities.