A Combined Prayer For Sufferers of Breast Cancer

Mighty God, spread your healing hands on those that are suffering from breast cancer. They seek your comfort and strength as they cope with not just the pain but fear of breast cancer. Grant them assurance of your love, a gift that can ease their fear and anxiety. Bless those who around them, family, friends, and caregivers.

Eternal Father, please watch over me as I travel through this challenge with breast cancer. Although, mighty God, this is a difficult time I know that your healing arms are near and You are guiding the hands that are caring for me.

Lord, strengthen me in the peace of knowing that my belief in you will help me to be healthy and face each day with renewed strength and encouragement.

Father, for the strength you have given to me; I thank you, for my health, you have bestowed your blessings. Mighty God, strengthen heal as you see fit. Eternal Father, we know you want us to be in good health and to prosper. We know how faithful you are. You have shown yourself to be the great I AM. I thank you for you made this body, and you can heal this body in the name of Jesus Amen.

Mighty God, You have taught me that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. Today I put my little grain of confidence in your healing hands. The warmth of your love will give me all the strength I need. Today I ask by faith that you would bring healing from this cancer. I place my trust in you. May your blessing sow healing seed into every area where the tumour has emerged. Mighty God it will grow into an intense work, redeeming and restoring with high strength and power.