UK Home Secretary resigns following Windrush scandal

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It has been, reported in the media that the UK Home Secretary has resigned over the Windrush generation scandal and the so-called target system to remove illegal immigrant from Britain.

I cannot understand why the Home Secretary would resign over the Windrush generation scandal; she was not the one who gave the order to destroy the landing cards of thousands of invited immigrants to this country. The order to destroy the landing cards were delivered in 2010, as far as I am aware she was not a part of that inner circle.

However, if her resignation stems from the so-called target system to remove illegal immigrants from the country, which apparently she said in her resignation letter that she mislead the committee in respect of targets because she did not know about the target criteria.

On the underhand, this is precisely the problem one gets when government and institutions do not do things in the right way. When the cat is, let out of the bag someone has to take the fall, and in my opinion, the resignation of the Home Secretary falls into that category.

She inherits a policy from the previous Home Secretary, now the contents of that policy blew up in her face. I respect her comments that she was responsible for that department and therefore, should have been aware of all the information regarding the removal of illegal immigrants.

Regarding the debacle of the Windrush generation, for Theresa May to write a letter apologising to the ‘Black’ community stating that she is genuinely sorry for letting them down. I do not buy into her so-called apology. They have been caught out in their offensive manner in the treatment of the Black community and in particular people who gave 50 years of their lives to this country, she believes an apology will make their appalling behaviour go away, not likely.

If politicians act with decency and integrity they would never have anything to fear but, they carry out so many underhand things that when their counterproductive behaviour is exposed, heads will always roll. Until politicians realise that honesty is the best policy, they will continue to find themselves in these problems.

I do not believe the resignation should stop with the Home Secretary; other prominent individuals are equally to be blamed for this fiasco and should do the decent thing like Amber Rudd and resigned.