A Father murdered adopted infant daughter

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Why Criminals Are Used As Confidential Informers (CI)

A same-sex couple adopted an 18-month-old infant; one of the father murdered the child within two weeks of the adoption.

It was, reported in the media that the 31-year old man along with his husband adopted the infant and inside of two weeks the child was, murdered. According to the report, a post-mortem found the toddler suffered several broken ribs, fractured left femur and skull.

Apparently, the child when to live with the couple after she was, taken from her natural mother who was a drug user.

How can any parents come to terms with the knowledge that an adult, 31-years old could be so evil and vicious to inflict such trauma on an 18-month old baby is unbelievable? Why would an individual believe that in this technological age they could cause such damage to a defenceless child and get away with such depraved indifference to human life?

He must be convicted, and the only punishment that befits his crime is life without parole. He should never be allowed to enter our community, his kind of evil must be, contained behind bars for the rest of his natural life where he can never hurt or harm another innocent child.