She gives up on men and marries her dog

I do not know if these kinds of stories are becoming trends, as this is the second one I came across where a female chose to marry a dog over a human being.

This latest story appears in a ‘Local newspaper’, it states that a 43-year old Northern Island woman gives up on men and marry her dog. She called the 8-year old Yorkshire terrier her king, and praise him for his loyalty.

Are you kidding me? What is going on in our community? When human beings deemed it acceptable to marry an animal, then something is very wrong. Dogs, cats make an excellent companion, especially dogs but you do not have to marry them for that. In my opinion, those people are a few cents short of a pound.

Furthermore, she would not be allowed to marry an eight-year-old boy, so she should probably not allowed to marry an eight-year-old dog. She states in the article that ‘people’ may think she’s barking mad, we do not think, we know. Only someone with low self-esteem would believe a dog marriage is appropriate.

Hundreds and thousands of human beings are yet to find their perfect match; they are not queuing up to marry an animal. Relationships are trial and errors and the ability to work together to establish something beautiful.