UK Border Force agent arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle drugs and guns


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Unbelievable, but anyone with an ounce of sense knows that drugs and guns which end up in any country have a network of individuals that are involved. In my opinion, people in particular position have to be, involved with this kind of criminal activities to flourish.

According to a media report, a serving Border Force agent has been, arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle guns and drugs in Britain. Apparently, French police detained the 36-year old officer. The agent was, arrested along with three other British nationals.

A further report indicates that the authorities seized 34kg of cocaine and 11 guns with suppressors and magazines.

As a society, we are appalled when people labelled as ‘drug lords’ allow guns and drugs on our streets corrupting our young people, turning them into addicts. But it is worse when the criminals or individuals who swore to protect us a, they are more deplorable than the drug barons.

When a police officer or Border agent break their oath, to protect and serve, it diminishes the security service. The electorate feels cheated and deceived, and there is a tendency to tarnish other borders security agents has been untrustworthy.

First, we need to applaud the officers on both sides of the channel with this operation and hope that other decent NCA officers will continue to root out the evil apple within their organisation.