US President accused of racism – So what’s new

I do not understand why anyone would be surprised when Donald Trump opens his mouth. One should realise that the man’s brain and mouth do not, in my opinion, work in tandem.

A media report states that Donald Trump is, accused of racism after a two-day rant against black professional athletes. The president verbally attacks an NFL football player, who remains sitting during the singing of the National anthem, in protest against police brutality.

Donald Trump has no idea about disrespect of the US flag; he does it every day. And what does he means ‘total disrespect of our heritage’ and everything that we stand, for?

What utter nonsense, this president has no clue that his behaviour is undignified, unpresidential and demonstrate he does not have a clue what the duties of a president should be.

A president must have the ability to unite a nation, refrain from making an inflammatory speech that is deemed racist.

It is unbelievable that the President of one of the biggest democracy is behaving like a child that as his toys, taken away. In my opinion, Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president that ever enter the white house.

What an appalling behaviour, still we expect nothing better from someone like him and there is no doubt that his remarks in Atlanta where racist and designed to stir up racial tension against not just African Americans but target at the NFL, absolutely disgraceful.