A new poll suggests Theresa May’s leadership at rock bottom


As reported by media sources Theresa May’s leadership has plunged to its lowest rating, only a third of the public satisfied with her.

The article suggests that pollsters found that following Mrs May disastrous conference speech, sex scandals, division over Brexit and resignation of two Cabinet ministers, the Conservative are scoring worse than when Cameron was in government.

The poll finds Labour image has improved, but apparently, public perceived division in the party, see them still lagging behind the Conservative on the fit to govern.

It would appear that the electorate is not satisfied with either the government or opposition. Voters are unsure who they can trust to oversee an efficient administration. There is no optimism about the economy, 88 percent think things will get worse.

In my opinion, there is a real crisis in our political arena, when three-quarters of the public see the Conservative as divided, 43 percent say they are not fit to govern, and only 38 percent think Labour is fit to govern.

Brexit is what I believe starts the downfall of the Conservative, and in hindsight, Cameron knew that this process was going to plunge the Tories into a political sink-hole, so he resigned protecting his reputation.

Unfortunately, the political nightmare in the UK is disastrous, and there are no signs that it will improve anytime soon. While that is happening the electorate is suffering from the fallout. We can only hope 2018 will see improvements.