What –  A British woman marries dog

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Portrait of a watchdog.What is happening in this world, there must be something in the atmosphere that is making some people crazy.

How can we reach a state whereby it is acceptable to marry a dog. I understand that the British love their pets, but this taking was loving your pet to a new altitude.

My question,  if she sees the need to marry her dog are they going to have a romantic relationship. I am shocked. I wonder if this story is true or is someone just pulling our legs. I am so amazed that words fail me.

Why would anyone who have an ounce of common-sense believe it is acceptable to marry an animal and furthermore why would any sane person perform that ceremony.  Well, in my opinion, that person is unstable as the woman that marry the dog.

People we are living in strange times, what next someone marrying a cow, a pick an elephant or even a giraffe.

I would laugh my head off if I did not find this story ridiculous, juvenile and pathetic.