Life for teenagers who stabbed to death music producer

As reported in the media two 18-year olds was, sentenced to life for the stabbing death of an innocent music producer.

The 21-year old music producer was, on his way to a recording session, he was, surrounded by a group of teenagers on mopeds, chased by a second group, stabbed repeatedly and died from his injuries.

According to the report, the 21-year old up and coming music producer was not involved with any gang but knew individuals that were gang members; it is believed he was, caught between two rival groups.

Apparently, the perpetrators were in the dock laughing and joking; this behaviour prompted the Judge to remark, during sentencing, that yet another family was struggling to come to terms with a pointless loss of life and, slammed them for laughing. He also praised the victim family for sitting with dignity throughout the trial. They were, then sentenced to life in prison.

I am elated and in agreement with the sentence, and I applaud the justice system for recognising that these individuals were dangerous and sent them to prison for the rest of their lives is the only action that befits the crime.

In my opinion, it is long overdue, and these two 18-year old will have a lifetime in prison to reflect on the senseless taking of an innocent life.