A rapist who is described as a ‘danger to women’ jailed for 18 years

sexual assault

A convicted rapist who attacked a young woman with learning difficulties has been, jailed for 18 years. He was, given 14 years, and an extended 4-years for the severity of the attack.

It was, reported that the 34-year old man who claimed he was Jamaican, the authority prove he was born in London, raped the young lady nine days after being, released from prison where he was serving a six-year sentence, in July 2014, for sexual assault and rape.

He was, caught when the young woman told her support worker what had occurred. The perpetrator said in courts that the sex was consensual and that he was being ‘set up’. However, he was, found guilty.

Passing the 18-year sentence the Judge said he was satisfied the attacker knew his victim was vulnerable and he was a danger to women, hence his lengthy incarceration.

In my opinion, this is the problem we have in society when individuals are released from prison early, after committing heinous crimes. I would not be surprised if the taxi man that raped over 100 women and is now about to be released soon does not re-offend.

I am not saying that there are not individuals in prison that have made mistakes and given the opportunity to turn their life around they would do so. But there is a particular type of criminal that they should never be, granted parole. If the courts decide they should serve, for example, 20 years for the crime they commit, then so be it.