Osama bin Laden’s son is being hunted by the SAS

A media report suggests that the SAS, Britain’s elite security organisation is on the hunt for Osama bin Laden’s 28-year old son to either capture or kill him.

Apparently, the 28-year old has become the man in charge of al-Qaida and presented a problem for the intelligence service in the US and Britain.

One must remember that the US was responsible for the death of his father and irrespective of whether you are the son of a farmer or the head of a former terrorist organisation, he still lost his father and that of course, will leave him upset. Regardless, of our position on terrorism, it is understandable that he will want revenge.

We have to bear in mind that al-Qaida does not see themselves as committing any crimes. They believe they are on a mission from Allah to wipe out and destroy infidels, and that level of brainwashing and depravity took years to instil in anyone especially the sone of a terrorist.

In my opinion, we should seek to capture and imprison these people for their crimes against humanity. Killing them turn them into martyrs and others are lining up to take their place.

We need to take these individuals alive and treat them with humanity, reprogramme them and use them to influence the next generation.  If we continue to kill them, then all we accomplish is the breeding of the next generation of terrorist.