Pregnant bride killed by her friend and baby cut from her body

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pregnant belly

I am trying to understand this story, according to a media article, a 22-year-old bride to be was, lured to her death, by her so-called friend, minutes before she was to marry.

Apparently, on the day she was, supposed to get married her 22-year old friend lured her to her home to give her a wedding gift supposedly. On entering the house the pregnant bride to be was, attacked with a paring knife, throat slit, and stabbed to death, her baby was, then cut from her body.

I am trying to figure out what possible reasons could one human being do something so obviously, evil to a friend. To slit someone throat just so that you could steal her unborn child is cold, callous and incredibly evil.

In my opinion, if this woman is not suffering from some form of mental problems, which her lawyer did not use any mental issues in her defence, then it is just pure evil on her part. She just wanted the life she believed her friend has, getting married, a baby on the way and the making of a happy family.

According to her defence team, she suffered a lifetime of depression. However, that is no excuse for murdering another human being and carving her up to steal her baby. We are thankful that the baby survives, and is being, cared for by his father, and the killer will be spending 40-years in prison.

The thing she craved for a baby, she will never have the chance to have one, having to spend her 40 years behind bars when eventually released she will be 62. Hopefully, she will use her incarceration to reflect on an idiotic decision.