A student who lied about being raped, jailed

Rape is a diabolical thing that can happen to anyone it is the invasion and domination of one human against another.

When individuals use rape as a means of getting back at another person, it makes genuine cases of abuse much more difficult to prove.

As reported in the media, a student who wanted to become a police officer has been, jailed for ten months. She lied about being raped by a taxi driver.

Apparently, she told the police that the father of five attacked her, which cause the man who happens to be a Muslim, enormous grief. He was, shunned by his community, banned from entering friends home, stripped of his taxi licence, all because he refuses to take a kebab-soaked £10.00.

I agreed with his comment that he has been, religiously tainted and neither the courts or the police can fix that. Although this individual has been, imprisoned for what she did, and it was proven she lied mud sticks. There are those who will believe he did rape her.