Fingertips payments, are you kidding me?

My Opinion

According to a media report, a London supermarket at Brunel University will be the first in the world to allow customers to pay for shopping using their fingertips.

The system works by using infrared to scan the pattern of veins in the individual finger and link the unique biometric map to their bank account card.

What will be next in this technological explosion? I do not have a problem with certain aspects of technology. I would go so far as to say there have been significant improvements in our lives and we owe it to the advancement of technology.

However, human beings never know when to stop, we believe that we must push the envelope as far as it goes, even if overusing technology causes problems. Why would anyone want to use their finger to make payment for goods and services? Do we not have multiple ways of doing that already.

In my opinion, the need to be super rich has driven some people to go above, and beyond what is necessary and personally, I believe this so-called ‘fingerpay system’ goes way beyond our technological needs.

I imagine that someone is already working on a device that will be implanted inside our bodies so that we do not need to carry a passport, driving licence, and other relevant documents. Where does, this stop and common-sense begin?