An alien spacecraft from another part of the galaxy, maybe passing the Earth

Unidentified flying objects, (UFO) has been a mystery on our planet for centuries. However, the Roswell incident, whether you believe it or not, catapults the possibility that we are not alone and there may be other life forms out there.

According to a media report, scientists are speculating that a massive, cigar-shaped object, passing by, the Earth could be an alien spacecraft from another part of the galaxy.

Apparently, evidence has been mounting which led experts to suggest this cigar-shaped object which was previously thought to be an asteroid could be intelligent life.

In my opinion, there is more than a possibility that there is intelligent life visiting our planet, and have been doing so for centuries. Among human beings, there are some of us that if we cannot see it, touch it then it doesn’t exist.

But, none of us knows the extent of this world’s mysteries and, because we are limited to how far in space we can go does not mean there are not beings that or out there who has evolved far beyond our understanding and have the capability to visit other planets.