Why blame Peppa pig’s reliance on the NHS as damaging to doctors?

Peppa pig cartoon

I just do not get it, why would anyone believe that a cartoon character is responsible for contributing to patient’s unrealistic expectation from their GP.

According to a media article, a General Practioner writing in the British Medical Journal alleges that ‘Peppa Pig’, a children cartoon TVshow may be encouraging inappropriate use of the NHS, which is damaging to doctors.

In my opinion, something is fundamentally wrong, with society when we begin to blame cartoon characters for damaging doctors. We are taking the view that real-life human beings do not understand the gist of the show or when it is necessary to visit their doctor.

I have included below the link to this article; maybe other readers can explain what this GP is suggesting, for me, I find it condescending that she believes that we are idiotic in that we are allowing children show to tell us when to go to our GP.

Read the original article here:  http://metro.co.uk/2017/12/12/peppa-pig-leading-people-expect-much-doctors-7151676/