Another Knife Crime One Person Dead

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Knife attacks are becoming an epidemic in the UK; there is hardly a day go by without someone is either injure or killed by individuals knifewielding knives.

What the hell is going on in our communities why is there this need to be in the position of knives and using them to cause mayhem and chaos on our streets. I cannot believe another family is in mourning today because of yet another knife attack.

According to media reports, the police were called to Russell Square to investigate the death of one woman and the injuring of five others by an individual using a knife.  The police arrested the perpetrators of this incident.  While we are pleased that the person was apprehended, that is little comfort to grieving families.

I have been saying that the government needs to legislate an adequate punishment for knife user.  It is the time that these individuals irrespective of their ages if they use a knife and commit a deadly crime, they should go to prison for the rest of their natural life. 

This government cannot be seen to be soft on knife crimes, and too many people are dying because the message is not getting through to these individuals, and they need to understand you use a knife you are in prison for life, it is simple as that.  It infuriates me that when the government can do something constructive, they shy away, enough.