Tourists should be wary where they travel

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We should be able to travel to anywhere in the world that we wish to visit, but the reality of that is some countries are in my opinion are no go areas.

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The media report that a convoy carrying a group of tourist attacked in Afghanistan and six people were injured.  What I cannot understand that they know there is the possibility of them being attack and even killed.

One must understand the reality of going into countries where there are militant activities, where the citizen are wary of so-called Westerners and dislike our way of life, one must be very careful, and the choice is not to venture. 

Putting oneself in such danger is rather foolhardy and for me, no excuse can justify such silly behaviour.  Those tourists attacked in Afghanistan could have been killed they got away lightly the circumstance could have been very different.

We have a responsibility to ensure our safety, and if we choose to put ourselves in harms way, then we have no one to blame but our self. I do believe people should think before they act and put their personal well-being first and foremost.