Another six stabbings occurs in London in one night

A media article stated that another six stabbings occur in the UK Capital in one night.

Although none of the stabbings was fatal this time, it prompted an urgent review of police tactics in how to efficiently reduce the number of stabbings that are occurring, especially in London.

The London Assembly’s police and crime committee said it requires answers as to why the increase in violence is happening and the reason that the police tactics are failing.

I believe they are failing because if you are bombarded with information, as young ‘Black men’ are subjected to, that you can only become a criminal, made to think that society only sees the colour of your skin and not your potential. There is a belief that one will act out in the way they are, portrayed.

The black community needs to re-educate their teenager, and the establishment needs to stop labelling ‘Black young men’ as drug dealers, uneducated, lack potential individuals. We must begin to restore pride and dignity in our children, teach them that they are more than worthy and their lives are an essential aspect of society.

We also have to recognise that some of our young ‘Black men are unreachable and that society must deal with severely. But if as a community we do not start to value our young people this continuous killing of black young men by other young black men will continue and no amount of committee examination will prevent it.

My suggestion is as follows:

(1) Start to incorporate young black men into the decision making process on knife crime; they have the knowledge why knife crimes are happening.

(2) Make the punishment for knife crime so unattractive that potential knife users will think twice before carrying or using a knife.

(3) The police, politicians and the Black community must work together as a unit to prevent knife crimes and the senseless killing of young black men by young black men.