What causes parents to kill their children?

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I cannot understand what could cause a parent to kill their children; the notion is so inhumane that it defies logic.

According to a media report, a cannabis addicted 24-year-old mother was jailed for life for killing her 21-month old daughter in a fit of temper, following months of beatings.

What I am appalled about is the media also stated in the report that Social Service workers missed vital signs of dangers which left the child in the mother’s care allowing her to murder the child. The fact that the child was, taken into social service charge in 2013, should have been a red flag that this child needed to be, monitored efficiently.

I do not know why the child was, returned to a mother who later killed her. Maybe it is because the mother was called dubious, manipulative and selfish. She could con people into believing she cared for her daughter.

When a child dies in this manner, it rips the heart out of a community. Society should never allow this unnecessary loss of life, especially that of a child.

I hope that Social Service professional will use this case and vigorously monitor at-risk children, in the hope that we can minimise the death of innocent children.