Appalling child grooming scandal uncover in Telford

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Telford is a town in the county of Shropshire, England. There is an estimated population of 170,300; it is also the largest town in Shropshire. However, Telford is not in the news for its many tourist attraction, but for child grooming and abuse.

According to a media report, an investigation by a famous Sunday Newspaper uncovered the scandal that more than 1000 children were drugged and gang-raped in Telford, over a 40 -year period. It was, also suggested that five individuals, deaths of young women can be, associated with the abuse that took place in Telford.

It is mind-blowing to think that a picturesque place such as Telford could hold what is being described by the media as ‘harrowing and Britain’s worst child grooming scandal’.

How could we for more than 30 years missed that a town in the UK could be exploiting young children for so long? I have to ask myself how many more towns and cities are keeping these secrets of child grooming and the number of young lives being ruin on a daily basis.

The children are forced into prostitution, beaten, gang-raped and threaten with violence if they report the abuse to the authority. There is no way that these activities can be happening in our communities and someone is not aware of what is going on. Are the parents of these children keeping quiet because they are scared?

However, having read the article in its entirety, it left me angry, because one of the victims after giving birth to an abuser’s child told the Doctor what she was enduring. The doctor said to her that she was mentally ill and should take medication, unbelievable, so this, in my opinion, is one reason why these abuses continued for so long.