Russia and Britain’s ongoing poisoning catastrophic dilemma

Is Russia responsible for two people lying critically ill in hospital? It is yet to be proven, and until then we should refrain from speculation.

According to newspaper articles, there have been tweets from Russia which warn the UK not to threaten a nuclear country. Britain is a well-armed in its atomic capabilities, so I am at a loss as to why the Russian would make such a counterproductive statement.

However, at the heart of this matter is whether the UK government can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Russians are responsible for poisoning the former spy and his daughter.

When it comes to these types of incidents, where human beings are poison, no one especially any member of the government should be using words like, highly, or likely. Until this country can prove to the electorate that Russia is involved, then we are dealing with speculation and innuendoes.

Here we have a well-publicised case of two individuals, one a former spy along with his daughter in critical condition from being poisoned. We cannot and should not be pointing fingers until we are sure who the culprit of this heinous criminal act.

In my opinion, we are giving Russia too much power; first, they are accused of interfering with the US electoral system and now the poisoning of a former spy, on British soil. I am not suggesting that they do not have the capability of pulling off these two monstrosities, give us proof that can stand up to scrutiny.

Of course, Russia is going to deny anything to do with this so-called nerve agent that supposedly point to them being, blamed for this atrocities.