Bastille Day Celebration Attack 80 dead

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Group of happy cartoon characterOh my, God, what is wrong with people, why would anyone want purposely to kill eighty innocent men women and children.

According to the media report, people celebrating Bastille day in Nice was killed when an individual drive a truck through the crowd of unsuspecting revellers.  I cannot believe that someone could be so callous to do something so vile against other.

It is not too much of a stress of the imagination to know that any community that experiences this kind of carnage will not be whole for a long time.  France has once again hit by another tragedy and no matter what politicians may say it is the communities that are bearing the brunt of these. 

I cannot even begin to understand how those poor people must have been going through seeing this truck ploughing into human being crushing and causing maximum mayhem, how can we even start to imagine that kind of carnage.  The only consolation, in my opinion, that should give some relieve to the community, is the fact that the police killed the perpetrator of this despicable criminal act.

The world has become such scary place that one can no longer go out with one’s family to celebrate any historical event without wondering some nut case is going to use a motor vehicle to destroy their lives and caused families to mourn.  No unnecessary loss of life is acceptable, but when children are involved it makes the criminal act even more heinous. These kids just begin their life and having that life cut short is diabolical.

Today my sympathy goes out to the people of Nice and as they mourn the loss of their friends, families, and children my condolence goes out to them.  We are letting them know they are not alone, and I know that the UK and other countries will continue to find these people who have the potential of creating mayhem and stop them before they can cause devastation amongst innocent people.