The Qualities Needed To Lead A Nation

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It is tough in today’s political arena to find one individual that I would say yes I want that person to be the leader of the country and subsequent Prime Minister.

In my opinion, it takes something special to become a leader; it takes integrity, dignity decency and above all honesty.  My perception of a leader is someone who speaks the truth, do not hide behind lies and innuendos, do not say what they think people want to hear and never embellish information to make themselves look good.

I had the privilege of living in the world where Prime Minister Michael Manley Jamaica and Nelson Mandella South Africa.  These two individuals, in my opinion, were best of what a leader should be.

How can there be any tolerance for politicians in this century all I see are individuals that bend the truth for political gains, untrustworthy, whatever comes out of their mouth are questionable, they are not charismatic.  I feel cheated where politicians in this country is a concern; it is very hard to me because I believe in democracy; I think that we must elect people to govern the country and made important decisions on our behalf. 

I am disgusted by the politicians in the UK all I see them backbiting each other, splitting their party apart, and clambering to become a leader and in my opinion, those that are fighting for the leadership do not have, in my opinion, the qualities that are required to be a leader.

Politics is something that should excite young people, and those of voting age should want to vote to shape the country and select their government.  Many do not bother to vote, and there is a time when I have to discuss with young people their reasons for not voting and the answer is clear they do not trust politicians as far as they could throw them.

Politicians need to take a look at themselves; they need to evaluate why they decide on a political career, their contribution to the electorate and whether they can ever be honest with the public.  I am not deluding myself to believe that governments are going to reveal every bit of information especially those that have to do with security.  We know that those issues are important and expect our politician to protect us.

I would like our politicians to stop promising things they know that they cannot deliver on, stop telling us what they think is necessary to get our votes during an election and just tell us the truth about what is going on and let us make the decision whether to vote for them.  There will I hope, if not in my lifetime in my children’s where there will be politicians such as Michael Manley and Nelson Mandell; they above reproach and very honest.