Black Oxford University law student died in police custody

As reported in the media, there is a mystery surrounding the death of a 25-year old Black Oxford University law student while in police custody.

Thames Valley police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission has launched an investigation into the cause of this promising law student death.

What is known so far, the young man was arrested on suspicion of assault, apparently, suffered a medical episode in the police car, treated by the side of the road, then taken to hospital where he died.

Reports suggest that there has been, since September, three deaths in police custody. If one believes in the conspiracy, we could get the notion that police officers are murdering young Black men. There must be an explanation for these deaths and one which the Black community can believe.

Any loss of life is a traumatic event, and we come to terms with certain aspects of death. However, we are left feeling empty when our children died in ways that are suspicious, and we have no satisfactory answers. Why should this happen to a young man that seems to have a bright future ahead of him, and without any known medical problems?

The current investigation into this death must find tangible proof this young man’s death was accidental, and the officers involve bears no responsibility for the tragic loss of this life. If they are proven to be in the wrong, I hope the justice system act accordingly, and they are held responsible.