Opinion: Donald Trump is a danger to humanity and democracy


In my opinion, Donald Trump for all his slurred speech, he’s a danger to humanity and democracy.

Afterall, we are yet to find out if he did indeed win the US election fair or he had helped to do so. I am appalled that never in the history of US politics has there being any President with such disrespect for protocols, humanity and democratic process.

Firstly, why would a President believe that banning residents from Iran, Chad, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, would prevent terrorist or terrorism from happening in the US? Let us see what he will achieve with this ridiculous ban.

Secondly, why would anyone especially the President of one of the biggest democracy choose to make an announcement such as acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel capital, knowing full well that tension would erupt in the region?

Since his counterproductive announcement, there have been clashes between the Palestinians and Israelis leaving one Palestinian dead and dozens wounded.

After everything that the US did to heighten the tension in the area, they have the gall to be telling the Palestinians not to abandon talks.

The Palestinians have every right to say to hell with your talks, who do you think you are, treating other human beings so disrespectful.

In my opinion, the Palestinians leaders should not entertain any talks with the US. The President has demonstrated he is unfit to govern; his outlandish behaviour creates the uproar within the region and until that announcement has been, rescinded Palestine should not hold any talks.