Violence erupts in West Bank following Trump’s idiotic announcement

Precisely what Donald Trump hope is the announcement about the status of Jerusalem was, designed to accomplish. If he were, not fully aware of the problems, his stupidity would cause then he his dumber than I thought.

According to the media report following the announcement, hundreds of Palestinians are protesting across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Naturally, angry at Donald Trump suggestion that he will be recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Any leader who his a decent human being, an individual with integrity or a leader of substance would never unilaterally make a provocative statement that would inflame the tension that exists in the region.

In my opinion, we cannot destroy terrorism when we elect idiots like Donald Trump. His ridiculous behaviour gives the terrorist the platform they need to recruit many more innocent people into their warp extremist ideologies. So long as the US as a President that has no integrity, dignity or the ability to lead effectively, we will continue to have severe problems on the planet.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a war-monger and if he manages to get through the next three years as the US President, the legacy he will leave is more guns on US streets, more mass shootings, a surge in terrorism and the destabilisation of the Middle East.

This man is a moron, and his stupid ways are going to get thousands of people killed.