Black people more likely to be stopped and searched than White people. – Really

Met police

It is such a cliche when you hear or read the statement ‘Black people more likely to be stopped and searched than White people’. There is nothing new, the Black community already knows.

Until the authority, especially the police service starts to recognise and treat everyone the same, irrespective of their colour, creed, religious beliefs we are going to have a disparity in the way one race is, seen.

The Black community has never been against the police stopping and searching anyone. Sometimes those stop and search caught criminals with drugs, guns and other illegal activities. We are livid when the target seems to be focus only on young Black men, or other minority groups. In my opinion and the Black community, it suggests that only minority groups commit a crime.

According to a media report, Blacks are more likely to be stopped and search more than Whites. The report also states that although the number of stop and search has fallen, it still shows that only a 6 percent decrease in against Blacks while it drops 28 percent against Whites. That is a 22 percent difference and once again demonstrate the gap between the fair treatment of the two communities.