Brexit Result Did Not Create Racism

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Society seems to have this innate attitude of allocating blame to people are circumstances if and when it suits them.  Facing the reality and the truth is something that people want to sweep under the carpet.

Brexit result did not create the wave of racist remarks aimed at minorities, and media reports suggesting that racist tweets have gone up considerably will not convince me that Brexit is at fault.  The leave result may have heightened racial abuse, push it into the media but racism in the UK was entrenched long before Brexit.

No one is born a racist this is something that is either taught or learned. According to the media among the individuals quizzed last year by the police for public service offenses, arson and other racial, religious and homophobic motive children under the age often were question including a three-year-old.   A child that young would not have any racist tendency unless that child was taught and herein lies the problem.

Racism in the UK is not a new concept, natives of Carribean Islands have been enduring racism and racial abuse for a very long time. They were very tolerant even though the majority of so-called West Indian people were invited to come to the UK they have worked hard to rebuild this country after the war, and their contribution is something that racist have left out of their archaic and rather stupid beliefs.

I get livid when I see article blaming or trying to use a situation such as Brexit to say that it is because of that why racism as raises its ugly head.

Racism is like cancer it does not choose who it attacks it does not care who is what you are it will attack you, and if it not treated quickly it will eventually kill you, and that how I see a racist.