Elderly People Should be Protected Always

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Elderly people second to children are the most vulnerable in society, and those that are tasked to care for them should be individuals above reproach and have dignity and most of all integrity.

I am ranting on this subject today because I read an article where a woman, is convicted of abusing her position while caring for a 93-year-old where she stole just under 5 thousand pounds from her.  But what gets my blood boiling is she was given a two-year suspended sentence for old woman with a stickcommitting fraud against a voluntary member of our community

Then I decided to dig further into these crimes against the elderly and to my surprised, this is not an isolated case.  In April of this year, a care home boss is jailed for stealing 47,000 pounds from the resident, and vilest aspects of this case are the elderly that she stole from were ex-servicemen, they fought for this country only have what little they possess taken away by a very unscrupulous person.

June 2016 a carer from Wallingford, was convicted of stealing resident’s bank card and making a cash withdrawal from their accounts.  Disgusting, what happen to our dignity, where did we lose our sense of worth so much so that we believe it is alright for us to steal from these vulnerable people.  These are people who we are supposed to care for it does not matter whether they are your family or not.

I am very proud my culture prohibit us from putting our elderly in nursing homes, although I am not knocking the systems there is a need for it as many people cannot take care of their elderly relative.

These individuals who violate the trust put in them by the old, should once they are convicted of the crime spend a very long time in prison.