Brexit Supermarket Price Row Begins: What Next

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So, following Brexit, there is now a problem with consumer items, according to the media supermarket giant Tesco is out of brands such as Flora, Marmite, Persil, Surf washing powder and other items.

Apparently, the report suggested that sterling has fallen post-Brexit and therefore, Unilever that provided those brands to Tesco is demanding a ten per cent price rise.  Tesco refused the price increase, and Unilever has halted delivery of the brands.

A Supermarket, Not Tesco
A Supermarket, Not Tesco

In my opinion, this is just the beginning of what to come, and it is going to get much worse, and the Brexit leave supporters will understand that their decision was never in the best interest of the country. Nationalistic pride is well and good, but not when you are trading in a global community and no country can cope on their own, especially when you have no manufacturing base.

The problem with short-sightedness on the part of some people will always cause the majority to bear the brunt of their stupidity.  It stands to reason that leaving the European Community would cause a problem within the country.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are going to incur additional cost and the people who it is going to hit the hardest is the most vulnerable in our society, and even if it only last for a little while, the ripple effect will be felt for many years.