Unacceptable And Overcrowding Homes In The UK

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For anyone who has been through local council housing, it will come as no surprise that a survey undertaken by the organization, Shelter Housing estatefound that 4 in 10  people reside in unacceptable housing conditions.

There are thousands of families that rely on Local Council homes that are living in homes that are overcrowded, do not meet required standard.  Unfortunately, there are in no position to do anything about their conditions.

When you are in an overcrowded living situation the Local Council Housing Department will tell their tenants, that if they reside in a two bedroom apartment, with, for example, two adults and six children all under the age of 16.  They are told to use their living-room as a bedroom because it is not necessary for anyone to have a lounge area.

The indignity that low-income families have to undergo is inhumane and disgusting.  People who have no opportunity to become homeowners unless they are fortunate to come into some financial luck.

However, it would be unfair to Local Council Housing, in the UK to say that they do not provide some decent, affordable housing for their tenants, but those living in sub-standards conditions are growing daily.

How can we explain residing in what is called a G7 country and according to a media report, the stats below demonstrate the state of the UK housing problem, unbelievable?

 43% of people in the UK reside in homes that do not meet part of the standard

27% says their home failed at least one of the affordability specification

24% were not able to save anything for unexpected cost

16% could not respond to their housing cost 

18% or people’s home failed the criteria for decent conditions.

A damning indictment on the housing crisis in the UK, and if something is not done immediately to address the problem it can only get worse, and the government that claimed that they for all the people must now put their money where their mouth is to solve the failing housing crisis.