British Airways stewardess fired for racist comments

According to a media report, a British Airways hostess was, sacked for making racist comments about Nigerian people.

Apparently, the stewardess made a derogatory remark about Nigerian passengers during a snapchat with a friend.

In her defence, the stewardess stated that she is not racist and, she was having a joke with a friend. She also felt betrayed by BA employees, they were encouraging her to say things, then recording her and sent it around to other friends,

A 23-year old ought to know better. When you are, employed in a customer related environment, you have to be able to hold your self above reproach. A flight attendant that flies all over the world should not be making, even in a joke, racist comments and should not have allowed her colleagues to goad her into doing anything counterproductive.

One cannot chastise BA for letting her go. They expect professionalism from their staff when they are representing British Airways, and she felt short of the target.